Rules for Boarders


  • Admission in the hostel is granted to all students of Divine Child School from KG to Std. XII subject to availability of vacancy. Separate blocks are provided for girls, juniors and seniors. Whether a child intends to be a boarder or not, should be mentioned in the application form at the time of registration. Admission to the boarding will be confirmed only after the payment of full boarding fee.
  • Wait listed candidates may be granted boarding admission against vacancies, during the academic year.


  • One month’s notice is to be given by the parents/guardian in writing, before the withdrawal of a student from the hostel.
  • If a parent of newly admitted student/s intends to withdraw his/her ward before the completion of his/her first academic year, he/she is liable to pay the complete hostel fee prescribed for the whole academic year. An undertaking in this regard has to be signed by the parent at the time of admission.
  • If a parent wants to withdraw his/her child form the hostel after the completion of one complete academic year, he/she has to submit an application for it in the prescribed format latest by 15th March, failing which, the 1st Half Yearly fee for the next academic session will be charged. If such withdrawal falls on or before 30 September, he/she is liable to pay the 1st Half Yearly fees in full and after 30 September, the fee for the whole academic year is to be paid in full.
  • School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after the clearance of all dues at school & hostel.
  • Parents shall not make any claim for caution deposit, which will be refunded only after the audition of accounts after 30th April.


  • Special leave may be granted for maximum of two days only in case of the marriage of a student's sibling. An application for leave attached with the wedding card must be submitted at least 7 days in advance by the parents or guardians. The Principal's discretion in sanctioning or refusing a leave will be final. No leave will be granted for any type of religious ceremony.
  • If any inmate leaves the school campus without the Principal's permission the school authorities may lodge an FIR with the local Police and the parents or guardian will not have any right to question and raise objection to this action. The school will not be responsible for any mishap in such circumstances. In such case the ward may be considered for re-admission only after paying the re¬admission fee and it will be at the discretion of the Principal.

Vacation / Break

  • Boarders are required to report back to the hostel after each vacation / break on the day and at the time mentioned. Attendance on the reopening day is a must for all the students.
  • A fine of Rs. 1000/- per day will be charged for unauthorized absence as per the school rule.

Communication / Meeting

  • Parents, guardians and approved visitors may visit boarders only on the date and time specified in the hostel calendar.
  • Visitors are not permitted to meet the boarders without meeting the warden and obtaining his permission.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to meet the boarders except on the scheduled day and timing.
  • Telephone calls are allowed strictly according to the schedule given in the Hostel Diary only. However, emergency messages will be received by the warden and informed to the wards immediately.

Snacks, Tuck / Cell Phone

  • Snacks, tuck / and other eatables are not allowed in the hostel. Money and valuables should not be kept with the boarders. Money for expenses should be deposited with the warden. Uses of communication equipment such as mobiles etc. are strictly prohibited in the hostel. If anyone is found violating this, he is liable to be dismissed from the school immediately.

Health Records

  • A medical report in the prescribed format must be submitted at the time of admission. Medicines from home must not be provided to the boarders without informing the warden.

Fee and Charges

  • Fee once paid will not be returned under any circumstances and no correspondence or request in this regard will be entertained.
  • The hostel fee covers boarding and lodging, washing, mending, bedding (except linen, blankets and quilts), hair cutting, general medicines, picnics and games facilities. All other expenses will be charged to account.

Change of Status

  • No requests to change the status of boarders into day boarder will be entertained even in his/her further years of studies in this school. However, a boarder may be allowed to continue as a day boarder on payment of the hostel fee for the full academic year.

Dismissal / Suspension

  • For grave violation of disciplinary rules, a child, at any stage may be suspended for a limited period or removed from the hostel and school as well. The school reserves the right to initiate disciplinary action against any child for breach of discipline. The decision of the management in this regard will be final and binding on all.
  • Following acts will amount to dismissal or suspension of the students
    • Distribution of gifts to children and teachers.
    • Bringing any materials, which are not associated with the school activities.
    • Procuring mobile phones, eatables etc. on school campus.
    • Non payment of school dues.
    • Consistent, unsatisfactory progress
    • Conduct harmful to other students, reputation of the school.
    • Grave insubordination, contempt of authority, bullying, use of abusive languages, insulting in any form.
    • Damaging school property
    • Misuse of school facilities (internet & lab material, telephone etc.)
    • Politicking, engaging in conspiracy
    • Keeping cash or engaging in cash transactions in the hostel/school without the permission of the Principal.

Leaving the campus without Principal's permission

  • If any ward leaves the school campus without the Principal's permission, the school authorities may inform the parents/local guardians about it and may lodge an FIR with the local police station if it so wishes and the parents will have no right to question and raise objections to this action. The school will not be responsible for any mishap in such circumstances. In such case the ward may be considered for re-admission only after paying a fine of Rs. 1000/-, and it will be at the discretion of the Principal.


  • The Management reserves the right to make any amendment from time to time in the existing rules and / or incorporate new ones in the interest of the school and it is binding to all.

Settlement of Claims

  • All matters of claims or dispute will be subject to Mehsana jurisdiction.
  • All matters of importance and complaints may be brought to the notice of the Principal or Warden.