Co-Curricular Activities

The school organises a variety of Co-curricular activities, Hobbies, Sports, Cultural Activities, Inter- House Competitions, Inter-School Competitions, Lectures by visitors, Educational Trips and Field Trips, Scouts and Guides, School Parliament, celebration of important National and Regional Festivals, Class Picnics, Overseas Tours, School Band etc. The school strives to attain a balanced growth of the children by emphasizing equal weightage on both curricular and co-curricular activities. These activities help to unfold the talents of individual students. They help to make one socially and emotionally balanced, mature and reach high objectives of life. Co-curricular activities characterize a special feature of the school.

The House System

All the students from I to XII are divided into four Houses viz. Rose, Aster, Sunflower and Lotus and all activities and competitions are conducted House wise. Each House has a House Master assisted by three other teachers. Each House has an elected Head Boy and Head Girl.

Band Group

An excellent band group is ready with all the equipment and they perform on important occasions. It is the first official band group selected to participate in the Republic Day Parade in the Capital in 2003. In addition, it has bagged several prizes at Regional and National levels.


The school encourages hobbies for all the students. Both boys and girls have a wide list of hobbies to choose from. The students from 3rd Std. onwards have to select at least one hobby according to their choice. Kitchen Gardening, Pool, Pottery, Carrom, Library (reading), Karate, Yoga, Equestrian Skills, Classical Dance, Stitching, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Carpentry, Electric Gadgets, Painting, Music, Musical instruments are the hobbies offered by the school.


The school celebrates all important National and Regional festivals and Religious festivals to inculate in the children the feelings of religious harmony and national integrity. School Foundation Day (July 11), Annual Cultural Festival Day, Annual Inter-House Sports Meet and Navratri Garba-cum-Fete are the important festivals celebrated with pomp and pageantry.

Annual Sports Meets, Annual Day

Annual Sports is an important activity of the school. Every year Annual Sports Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement in which students, parents and teachers take part equally. Annual day coincides with project display and cultural activities.

Organising National / International Level Sports Events

The school has organised National Sports Events under the auspices of CBSE not once or twice but for four times. The school has all the necessary infrastructure and amenities to organize such mega events. Promoting Sports Activities get significant patronage from the school. The school has been making representations at National, Regional, State and Cluster Level Meets in various sports and games as well as all athletic events. The school actively participates in the inter-school activities and conducts / hosts various inter-school activities and All India Competitions and Conferences. Thus the school works as the center of national and cultural integration.

Tours and Picnics

Organised trips to places of interest in and outside the country are arranged to widen the horizons of the students. Class picnics for every class are arranged apart from long tours for 10-15 days within and outside India. The tour to 8 European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have already been undertaken till now. The school is now looking forward to such tours to the countries of the Far East.