School Hostels

school has separate hostel blocks for Senior Boys, Girls and Jr. Boys. The hostel has students from Nursery to Std. XIl. The boarders enjoy a comfortable stay in the hostel under the supervision of hostel wardens and other assistants. A resident medical specialist takes care of the health of the students. Panel doctors are consulted for any illness that requires clinical diagnosis and treatment. A furnished room is alloted for four students. Teachers visit hostels and impart special coaching to the students. There are separate activities organized for the boarders.


The school has separate libraries for Primary and Secondary classes. The main library has a rich collection of books, periodicals and reference books catering to the needs of students and teachers alike. The library also has a good collection of audio / video cassettes and CDs. Besides providing a compulsory period for library, children are encouraged to utilize the facilities available in the library during their free periods and holidays.


The school is equipped with laboratories for every subject. They have got modern equipments and gadgets to cater to the need of the students. It helps them to get practical and on hand learning experience besides making learning practical and enjoyable. Teaching through multimedia and aids help the students comprehend better and leave an indelible imprint in the minds of the students. We maintain proper student- teacher ratio so that the process of teaching and learning could be of optimum use and benefit the students.

The Lab School

The school always keeps pace with the changing scenario of education so that we could give the best to our students. The concept of Lab School is unique of its kind and is practiced in many progressive schools in India and abroad. We have introduced this concept to our students in our school. We have found a good response to this concept both from parents and students. This concept demands for creation of a lively laboratory environment to facilitate child- centered education.

Application of Multimedia

The high profile computerised audio-visual lab with internet access and laptop has revolutionized and transformed the traditional concept of class room teaching. Here the teachers become one with the students and both enjoy the experience. Teachers are trained in the basic and advanced operation of computers which they use in their daily lessons.

Sports / Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” The school recognizes the importance of recreational activities and indoor and outdoor games for the proper development of a child. The school has a vast sports complex and rich collection of sports materials. Indoor games include carrom, chess, table tennis, badminton etc. while outdoor activities consist of hockey, handball, basketball, football, volleyball and cricket. Special training is imparted in equestrian skills, swimming, skating, yoga, malkhamb and karate. The school aims to make each child at least the master of any one sports / games area. Special coaches are appointed to take care of each game. The students are selected for each game according to their aptitude and physical fitness and they are drilled into professionals.