Holistic Development Program

All the activities listed here are optional and fees will be charged separately.

Academic Clubs

The school encourages creative activities among its students. Various clubs provide them ample opportunities of exploration and discovery. Each academic club has its set objectives and method of functioning. Each student is expected to involve themselves in the following clubs:

1. Literature Club  
2. Art & Cultural Club
3. Science Club
4. Eco Club

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Hobbies are must for all the students and we provide ample opportunities to develop their hobbies. Both boys and girls have a wide list of choice to choose from. Besides the academic subjects prescribed and co-curricular activities, children have to select at least one hobby from the following list according to their choice.

- Swimming - Pottery - Table Tennis - Carpentry
- Badminton - Football - Electric Gadgets - Carrom
- Chess - Lawn Tennis - Instrumental Music
- Vocal Music - Painting - Dance
- Skating - Karate - Basketball

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Other Activities

  • Domestic and International trips & Camps
  • Inter School / Inter House Competitions
  • Celebrations of National & Religious Festivals